Natures Environment

Nature has its way of getting to you and showing its ways to you no matter what circumstance and status you may be. it will always keep you on a notice of alert like a bird or alarm. This influences society in general to take the mother effect and be nurturing to the natural environment and keep you local ecosystem clean ad healthy so trained arborist firms will enhance the ability to keep your environment healthy.

This is a wake up call for you and rest of the people revolving around. This is a notice to help your local environment to live on and help mother nature to live on and keep our systems healthy in the air and taking carbon to kill more global warming in a matter of time we can control all these excess amount of carbon going into the air an penetrating and causing global warming to become more severe everyday.

In other words, keeping this up to date and spreading the word will start to startle and start a turmoil within people in the industry of putting out carbon dioxide and the rest of the people who will help with this problem. Everyday learn more about curing trees. This will help your self and knowledge on how to cure your trees and the rest of them that need to be treated.

Most people see and perceive what most tree arborist do and imitate it but in most cases it is important to get an professional to take a closer look and specify on what it is and get that tree up to date to get it to the right circumstance to maintain that nature of tree essence in the environment to stop our local to from being CO2 overdose. Most Common tree practices are tree trimming and maintaining that perfect and healthy status to keep it up and living to how its suppose to live on in the society of the trees. 

All these key things are essential to what we call nature and how we partake the part as humans to help our society into a much better place overall.

Tree care

Firms in Horticulture

Today there is a much need of necessity for arborist because of the amount of trees we have on this earth. We need the right care and the correct type of experience for this guys to grow and grown into something beneficial for us in the long run. The tree care education in the metroplex is essential to our everyday interactions with the nature and outside and germane. We need people that will stand for keeping our local nature scenes and outside a better place and making much healthier one as well.

Doing so, we need all the care and right protection we need to keep this going into something that will benefit our children in the future for the rest of the generations to come. This will be the best of the things that we could leave to our children in the future. All this is possible by the minute and can be achieved now and not later because tomorrow is for losers like how pops always said.

We need more certified Texas arborist firms that will initiate greatness into local outside environment and will keep it going and pass it on through the generations we all need to do this to save our planet because every minute it gets hotter and those glacier out south will melt and it drown us to death and nobody will like that right.

We need to help everybody to keep our local environment healthy and alive by the time our great grand children come to live on this earth if Jesus permits so. We all need to do this to keep us into one spirit and maintain a healthy earth to unify all the plants and make more oxygen to keep this nice and cooled to live on forever.

Irrigation to the crops and grass is highly recommended and planting more is also. Maintaining healthiness, making sure your find the best way to water your landscape to keep it saturated and fertile for the soil to be well kept up and maintained for planting or etc..

Find ways to help your garden

My mom is elderly and she has not had very good success here lately because of her deteriorating health. Breaks my heart to see that her landscape is just out of order knowing that she was very happy gardener in her life. We recently contracted Stewart Arbor Care a Burleson, TX based arborist company to come out and do a complete remodeling and cleaning of her front landscape.

Just to say my mother was extremely happy about the whole ordeal she has always look forward to gardening in her backyard and making sure that her garden was probably one of the best in the neighborhood. We worked hard and diligently to make sure that we crossed or teasing dotting our eyes and made sure that she would have once again one of the best gardening’s in Burleson Texas. We looked for several different tree companies interviewing each one to find out which one had the best quality. What were looking for in an arbor care company. We need one that would find ways to help grow the garden.
This was not easy because everyone wanted to charge an arm and a leg at the end of the day and my mother is on a fixed income by the government. Which made things very difficult. We finally found Stewart arbor care a local-based company here in Burleson Texas that was able to assist her with this tedious process. To bring back the love and the passion she once had for that her wonderful landscape. My dad when he was alive told us that he had invested well over $20,000 in one year just to make sure that his lovely lady would have the landscape she was looking for. She found tranquility and peace in this landscape and enjoy yourself time and time again knowing that this was the place that she could come and talk to God and actually spend hours on and enjoying the wind and listening to the birds sing.
I think that this is one of the main reasons why my mother outlive my dad by almost 25 years. Poor dad always had a whole bunch of stress and always freaking out about one thing or another. But mom it’s been long hours in the garden making sure that she would do everything within our power just to just spend quality time with herself and her beautiful plants. She loved her beautiful landscapes. This allowed her to live a very tranquil life being able to take care of the things she love the most her garden.
Steward arbor care came by one Monday and they started to do everything that they promised to do. First of all their pricing was great they were able to get everything we had asked for within a reasonable budget allowing us to get all the extra fees that a garden needs. At the end of the day my mother was extremely happy when she saw the finished product and she saw that once again she had one of the most beautiful landscapes in our neighborhood.
Tree hugs

Family Tree

Here’s a story for you about a family in a tree that got sick. Back in 1909, my great grandpa planted and grandma planted an oak tree in the backyard of our property. I guess at that moment I was just a future memory floating around in my grandpa’s mind. Keep in mind that my grandpa planted the tree because my great grandma love them dearly and they wanted to leave a living legacy for the family for years to come.

As the years passed as they watered it and fertilize didn’t help to come along with the tree in the growing into this Mammoth and became a very important part of our family history. As my great
grandpa that’s the way a 1955 and my grandpa and grandma to go over the land, they continue to care for the tree as it continues to grow as one of the feature points in our backyard.

My dad played on the tree my grandpa played on the tree and I know that my great-grandpa played on the trees well. As the years passed in 1981 my great grandpa passed away and my dad to go over the land and started to do the same thing that the past generations had done for years and care for the Big old Mammoth tree. As the years passed and here we are in 2015 my dad finally got elderly mom went on to be with the Lord and I took over the property.

Needless to say, this tree has high value and great meaning in our family history and I played on it is a boy and really loved on the tree for the past 44 years. We had barbecues underneath it, I kiss my first girlfriend underneath it, and did a whole bunch of crazy stuff from building a treehouse to learning how to jump off of tall places. Will this year we had tragedy struck the tree as we started seeing the leaves turn brown and it just seemed that the tree was starting to get old it’s almost 108 years has been planted in the ground.

I assumed that the tree was sick and needed attention from a tree doctor. It was imperative that I got this tree back to good health before it died on me and it would take the life of my father. I called up at local tree company here in Dallas Texas to help us out that my mom used to use back in the 80s these guys of been business for the past 45 years. The tree doctor came out to our location diagnose the tree and found out that it had a disease called fungi. Thank God it was treatable and we were able to do something immediately for it.

Great thing is that the arborist explains how to treat against deadly fungi. Gave us all the latest gadgets and techniques that we can do to make sure the tree continues to live a long life.

The tree doctor injected the tree with some type of green chemical I have no idea what it was going to bring Gatorade for all I know. But I do know that at the end of the day I was very happy because I started to see a couple weeks later that the tree started to regain its health again. Understand it that’s just like a family member dying on you going to do everything within your power to make sure that you treat that person back to good health. That’s the same way we feel about this wonderful tree in our backyard and play such an important role in our family’s history.

I can’t tell The importance of hiring a great tree company the value it brings to your landscape in hell these boys were able to treat my tree back to good health again. It’s like a family member got cured of cancer and came back to live and spend the rest of their years with us. Gave us all the help in the world when we started seeing bagel Eddie that’s the name of the tree come back to good health and start booming again that next spring season.

Tree arborist went on to tell me that it’s important to always have prevention of your plantation by hiring a certified tree arborist to help you overcome any disease you might find on your plants, shrubs, or trees. He went on to giving us great tree health tips on how to perform procession trimming on your shrubsNow here we are two years later and we have one of the best-looking backyards that money can buy with the same old historical tree it’s been around since 1909. My gosh, the trees been around longer than World War I. Oh well I just thought you would like to have this wonderful story and, by the way, the tree company that was helping us out with this wonderful service is called tree service Dallas. Later boys


Mothers Milk

There’re a lot of studies that have been made in the past decade about mothers milk from her breast and mothers milk made from powder. There’re a lot of controversies out there that have to do with this it’s very very important to get all the facts sometimes it’s almost very hard with all the clutter that’s out there on the Internet.

But the truth still stands that mothers milk from her breast is probably the best way for a baby to get the right nutrients that they absolutely have to have to grow a natural beautiful life and floors into a teenager. There are many benefits for mothers milk one of those benefits is that you get the right nutrients it to the baby system to be able to combat disease and be able to live a normal life especially as they grow into adolescence.

This is extremely important especially due to the fact that mothers milk packs up humongous punch in protein and all also vitamins. It also helps grow naturally beautiful looking hair and healthy teeth as well. Building the particles of hair working with each strand making them very strong and healthy shiny with a great Luster to it.

Come city Thursday no better way absolutely builds enamel and helps you have good strong healthy teeth remember that baby teeth are probably some of the most important teeth of the mall it will determine if they were healthy and then your normal tea it will come after will be extremely healthy. So mothers milk helps build the enamel and make sure that the teeth grow nice and straight. In a research that was done 2008 they can to find out that mothers milk help kids grow perfectly straight teeth and incredible healthy teeth as they grow to their teenage years. So you heard it here first mothers milk is absolutely the best way to go.

Mother Nature Contributions

Mother Nature and Its way of contribution in society.

In todays society, we have taken into effect nature and how the environment plays into society. For example, when it rains you seem to stay more indoors rather than outdoors for most of the majority. When considering this you have to keep in mind all the components of the mothers love. Mother nature has its way of expressing its way in our local area. People work around weather at times and consider what the weather is. The environment has plentiful of elements that plays into part with your landscape. When looking at your backyard you see what your trees, grass , and gardens if you may have any play into effect with your landscape and the environment.

Lets look furthermore, each tree, and plantation contributes so much to the environment and mostly your world. From taking Carbon dioxide and absorbing other elements that cause global warming and preventing world catastrophes from happening in the natural realm of our earth. If you would look at it from the bigger point of view you can see how that tree, plant plays a huge part and influences your environment dramatically. For instance, the more plants and trees you plant around your premises and landscape in germane will help your local environment with better and cleaner oxygen. Most of all giving our earth more of a boost from the beat ups we have caused in the past few decades.

People ask all the time if helping mother nature is going to do anything to our earth why don’t you do it? As humans we should consider what we have experienced in the past with previous mistakes, and consider the future for our children to live a happy, easy live without any troubles with mother nature.


I love momma

It has been said that a mother’s intuition is one of the most important things to be in a great person on this earth. Yep it’s true mamas do care and they are the most special people on this earth loving their children to death. All The mothers out there the ones that care, the ones that share, the ones it give it all to their wonderful children those are the ones that were writing this post about. I remember my mom wonderful lady as a young lady hard worker working two jobs to maintain the family. Getting up early to make my

I remember my mom wonderful lady as a young lady hard worker working two jobs to maintain the family. Getting up early to make my dads lunch before he went off to work. Getting us up early in the morning with those wonderful tortillas that she would cook. And driving is off to school to drop us off to get a better education to make sure that we made money my mom is the most special person in the world really did and do and will continue to care for her for the rest of my life I owe her so much. Think about your mama and think about everything she’s done for you the sacrifices the long hours he spent you as a baby taking care of changing pampers and do it all the above that only moms know how to do. This is

This is why send the special tribute to all mothers everywhere in the world. I would just like to say thank you for all the hard work for all the countless hours for all the sacrifices for all the I’ll go to work and take sure that you have everything you need son and daughters those are the ones that I’m talking about in this wonderful post to them.

Now I want to talk about all my grandma’s out there the wonderful grandma said that everything in their power to make sure that the mama’s were trained properly so they can take care of us the children the crying, the yels get, and all the friends over at the house eating the pantries and in the fridge and leave in the front door open with the AC on all summer long.

Yep; those are the moms I’m talking about and the grandmas that I love so much the ones that sacrifice that all for their wonderful children. I especially remember my next-door neighbors friend had a wonderful grandma that would always give us special treats were kids and cheese to do everything within our power to make sure that we had everything we needed as children going up in the neighborhood. I’ve come to realize now that I’m much older the sacrifices that you made to make sure that her child had a great childhood without a doubt this is a wonderful tribute to all the mothers that are out there

weed in my garden

Great stuff getting rid of weeds

weed in my garden
weed in my garden

Been having some major problems here lately with weeds in my garden. We tried everything from waking up early in the morning and pulling them out when there is still due on the to there is still dew on the ground ground. You have used some of the best pesticides like round up and others to name a few in the gardening industry to try to kill the weeds but they just keep on growing again and again. We got to the point where I got my neighbor to come over last week and he started to help me pull him out every single day. He said the best thing to do just wake up earlyand make it a routine to pull them out just like a regular job. This is become very taxing for me because I have things to do in the morning and the last thing I need while I’m out there watering my grass at five in the morning just to be bending over  my weed bed worried if a snake is going to bite me.

So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past two months morning after morning working on getting rid of weeds in my yard. But they continue to come back over and over again to no avail I cannot get rid of the weeds in our bed. So I started to shop around to see what I can find out there that can really help me I’ve tried everything from sprays they go at the end of my houses to call it a pest-control company to spray my yard with their special chemicals that only they have axis to because they have the certification.
Once again week after week they continue growing until winter hits and that I have no more weeds but then again I have no more yard meter it all turns brown. Soon as spring time rolls around there you go here comes back the weeds one more time in my garden and in my flowerbeds in our landscape and everywhere else I can possibly imagine.
The day I had a young man can my grass from the yard service that I can use it for the past 25 years. It’s obviously he did not speak English and have problems communicating with me when I try to ask him to do some extra services. So I asked him that I need for him to work on trimming back some of my trees and also training back some of the shrubs. He asked me if I would like to have my weeds removed from my yard I said of course I would. So I went about my business he finish his job I was very satisfied and I paid the gentleman and he went home. But I know that the next two days I didn’t see any leads come out. One week went by, two weeks went by, three weeks went by, and still no weeds.
I can tell you have a later I was to find out that finally I was rid of all my weeds and they were actually really gone from my yard. So I called up the landscaping company and asked if they wanted to speak to Jose the gentleman who treat my yard and ask him what in the heck did you do to get rid of my weeds but having such a hard time with. Jose obviously little bit I know with an arbor care certified Arborist in his home country. He said down came to my house and explain to me exactly the procedure that he performed on my grass. I was astonished at how easy it was to get rid of those darn stubborn and weeds. The process is easy he makes his two parts vinegar four parts water and add two dots of soap and spray the entire yard. Amazingly the weeds were completely gone the very next day!
I think this is an amazing story because I actually had my weeds completely removed now I do the procedure every spring and sure enough no weeds all year long.